Women’s World Banking

The case to support financial tools + education for women at the bottom of the pyramid.

The Challenge.

More than 1 billion women around the world do not have access to even a simple savings account at a bank.

Women’s World Banking works to facilitate access to financial products and resources to women and girls in emerging markets. Study after study has shown that supporting a woman with financial education and products designed for her has positive repercussions not just on her family but also on the community around her.

Working with global funding partners and institutions, the New York–based not for profit leads research and pilot projects to improve financial products, financial literacy initiatives and access to these for women and girls.

The Process.

This works involves multiple partners who require different layers of information about the impact of Women’s World Banking initiatives.

Seven25 acted as agency of record for Women’s World Banking for four years, developing a cohesive visual language to engage the organisation’s various stakeholders: from project funders to individual donors and network partners. Building on an existing logo and colour palette, we worked with the internal team to identify audience profiles, messaging and optimal communication channels.

The right ingredients.

We developed an illustrative style to build approachable infographics and complement the organisation’s extensive, existing photographic library. This framework allowed for white papers, reports, social media assets, annual reports, themed campaigns and direct mail appeals to develop as a cohesive, manageable and engaging whole.

Seven25 has been a thought partner as we implement new brand guidelines and strive to share our work with a broader audience in a more approachable way. From annual reports to iconography and animation, Seven25 has taken the time to understand our audience and goals and crafted something original that still fits our identity. It is a partnership that has helped us tell our story in new ways while still being true to our brand identity.

Julie Slama
Global Marketing and Communications / Women’s World Banking

Telling the story.

The Women’s World Banking voice is now clearly defined and bridges human sensibility with credible performance indicators. The numbers are allowed to speak whilst their meaning and impact are illustrated by eloquent imagery. Human success stories bolster the understanding of impact that is more quantitative, allowing Women’s World Banking to get closer to expressing fully the importance and success of its collaborative efforts around the world.