Red Tent Project

Improving access to menstrual health resources for girls in rural Morocco.

The Challenge.

How might we improve access to menstrual health products and resources for girls in rural Morocco? That is the question we asked ourselves with our partners at the Red Tent Project. Fresh from their efforts in Tanzania, the team turned its efforts to supporting organisations in the High Atlas mountains who house girls during the week for the school year.

The Process.

We embarked on a journey to Marrakech and Imlil to meet with a number of community organisations, from women’s cooperatives to boarding schools. We interviewed community leaders and activists to better understand the political and cultural climate of the specific regions we were working in.

Through a series of interactive workshops facilitated with our local partners, we engaged with girls who spoke of their experiences and hopes and learned of various methods available to them to manage their menstrual health.

Using the Findings.

The Red Tent Project used the findings to move forward with developing education strategies and products adapted to the cultural currents of Morocco with an eye to exploring other rural communities in the region, in partnerships with community partners active in–country.