Nurture You

Nutrition for your best life.

Many of us grapple with our body image and our weight. We consider trendy diets and crazy exercise regimens; we worry about how we eat, how much we eat, and balancing our hectic lifestyle with enough sleep and foods with ingredients we can pronounce. Safia experienced this same anxiety for much of her life and struggled to find a sustainable way to take care of herself. Through years of training and trial–and–error she developed a better understanding of herself and typical behaviours that had hinder hers — and others — progress.

She partnered with IronGroup in London to develop a platform to accompany clients through this journey to a healthy, balanced lifestyle based on diet and exercise. The challenge was to create a name, brand and story that reflected Safia’s drive to help others be their best selves.

We worked with our partners at IronGroup in London to define audiences and product offering for this New York–based nutrition start–up. With a compressed timeline, we provided naming, brand & product development, UX/UI and build. Using a WordPress framework, the site connects to Iron’s bespoke subscription management interface.

Nurture You has been featured in the Huffington Post, the Daily Mail and Eating Well.

The Seven25 team act as our in–house resource on several projects supporting our startups, including brand strategy and development, product development, positioning and storytelling. They work from concept and user testing to product launched in partnership with our internal London–based team, leveraging all appropriate channels to maximise reach.

Anne de Kerckhove
CEO, IronGroup