Emily Carr University

Finding the zeitgeist for a leading university of art + design.

The Challenge.

How might we communicate the approachability and vibrance of the output of Emily Carr students?

The Emily Carr University Annual Graduation Show is a cultural event that attracts an intersection of people to take in the works produced by the graduating class in Design, Visual Arts and Media.

The Process.

Conceptually, we wanted to illustrate the event as a record of current thought & craft leadership; an end and a beginning worth highlighting as well as an opportunity to enter the creative space where potential meets reality, theory meets practice, thought meets dialogue and message connects with audience. Through large type signage and interactive spaces, we augmented opportunities for the audience to feel included in the creative process.

Adapting the system over time.

The visual language and identity we developed was used for four consecutive year and was easily implemented by the in–house design team and students. This modular framework allowed them the flexibility to spend time and resources to adapt the content to the specificity of each graduating class, making each year unique whilst remaining cohesive as a tool for the University.