B is for Better.

Because B Corps are better, beneficial and assorted other positive adjectives that may or may not start with the letter B. How so? BCorps use the power of business to tackle social and environmental problems and measuring what matters. And that’s Seven25 to a T. Or a B.

Get in touch. We’d be happy to have a discussion about what it takes to become a BCorp.

Why Become a BCorp?

  • Lead a Movement
  • Differentiate from Pretenders
  • Pass Legislation
  • Attract Investors
  • Benchmark Performance
  • Generate Press
  • Save Money & Access Services
  • Attract & Engage Talent
  • Protect Your Mission
  • Partner with Peers


Winning awards and being featured in books and international publications isn’t why we’re in business. But it sure is a pleasant side effect of doing great work for good people. We’ve popped up in more than 40 publications over the years and we’re not done yet. Below are some of the people we’ve had the good fortune of partnering with who improve lives through their work.

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