6 January 2018

The Work of: Emily Garthwaite

Emily Garthwaite didn’t come to documentary photography immediately, though an incident in her childhood might have foreshadowed that she would eventually find her way to it. In this interview, she recounts seeing fields near her house burning and wanting the world to know this landscape she loved was being destroyed. So she ran out with her camera, documented the event and then submitted her pictures to the local newspaper. The photos were published and this was Emily’s first taste of the power of images.

She went on to study at Central St. Martins, focussed on fashion photography for a time until, at age 21, a solo trip to India brought her back to photojournalism. She completed a Masters in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography in 2016 (how cool!) and her work has been widely published and exhibited. Her Instagram account is an inspiring glimpse into people’s lives.

She has now visited India 3 times and recently co-directed her first documentary in Iraq on Arba’een, the world’s largest annual pilgrimage—attracting over 25 million Shia Muslim pilgrims. The documentary is set to screen in Europe in 2018.